Master for Online Streaming, Using Musical Methods That Will Always Work


Stop worrying about the numbers and focus on the music ! Get predictable, repeatable results with complete confidence

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Are you struggling with online loudness?


  • Do you find the results confusing, and unpredictable ?

  • Everything sounds great in the studio, but when you check your music on Spotify or YouTube, it doesn’t sound the way you hoped ?

  • You’ve tried mastering at -14 LUFS

  • You’ve tried mastering as loud as possible

  • No matter what numbers you aim for, nothing sounds right ?


Do you wish... 


  • You could stop worrying about numbers

  • And just master the music to sound great

  • Knowing exactly how it will sound before you upload

  • Using simple musical strategies

  • That will always work ?




Following a simple, step-by-step process that allows you to master your music with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that when you upload it will play with competitive loudness on all the major streaming platforms - and sound great !


The good news is, you can do this, and I've made a course to show you how !

 Mastering for Streaming Made Simple

Achieve competitive online loudness using this proven strategy to get better results mastering music yourself.

Fully understand what happens when your music is streamed online and use this knowledge to your advantage 

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Who Am I?


My name is Ian Shepherd – I’ve been a mastering engineer for over 25 years, and during that time I've become something of an expert on the topic of mastering for streaming, especially online loudness !

I originally broke the story about the loudness of Metallica's 'Death Magnetic' album, and people have been asking me about loudness ever since.

I’ve developed award-winning plugins used by some of the best mastering engineers in the world, and I worked with MeterPlugs to create the Loudness Penalty website, to help people understand better how their music will sound online.

But I don't use it, because I don't need to ! Instead I use exactly the same methods included in this course, so I already know that the music will sound great, how loud it will be, and that I'll be completely happy with the results.

And so can you !


It's not a full mastering course


Instead, it's laser-focused on getting satisfying, reliable, predictable results releasing music online

It will enable you to know when you’re succeeding, and get even better results

What's in 'Mastering for Streaming Made Simple' ?

  • A simple 5-step process
  • The same strategy I use every day in my own professional mastering work
  • Based on musical principles, not technical tricks or hacks
  • Which will never go out of date
  • You'll never have to aim for an "integrated loudness target" again!


Even some of the top mastering engineers don't understand these ideas


So they aren’t using them !

Instead, they just pile on the loudness

And the music can end up sounding worse as a result

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  • Full course
  • Bonus mastering examples
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • FREE future course updates
  • Stream all course videos from any Mac & PC, or on mobile with the Kajabi App for iOS and Android
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